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Welcome Book Clubs & Avid Readers!

We are glad you have made the decision to REGISTER to attend the BWABC Literacy Festival. Your FREE Registration and Entrance into the festival includes the following:

(1) Nominate your book club to win one or all of the FIVE BWABC Literacy Rocks! Awards
(2) Attend Book Club Panel Discussions to help make your book club stand out.
(3) Facilitate a Book Club Panel Discussion (Submit your proposal to
(4) Win door prizes, Play Games, Walk the BWABC Red carpet, take loads of pictures with your favorite authors, and more!
(5) Meet authors from across the country
(6) Purchase books
(7) And the most important reason to attend the festival? You will be doing your part to “Promote Literacy One Community At A Time!”

(1) Literary Rocks! Book Club of the Year
(2) Literary Rocks! Most Books Reviewed
(3) Literary Rocks! Most Authors Hosted
(4) Literary Rocks! Most Community Service
(5) Literary Rocks! Most Books Read

So, what are you waiting for? Complete the REGISTRATION form below, and we will see  you Saturday, September 20, 2014! 10 a.m. Р5 p.m.

Hilton Hotel
939 Ridge Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN

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